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iTrack21 Tracking System

Looking for an easy, fast and accurate technology solution?
iTrack21 as an Advanced Fleet Management System that is used in most development countries and can be used on tracking devices, cars, boats, humans and pets. It is measured to be the futuristic technologic movement of the 21st of the region.

Do you know your car’s location?
Our advanced Internet and satellite technologies will provide you with real-time information on your car’s Location in the course of a few seconds.

Want to know your car’s speed and Fuel Level?
Stay updated, anytime, anywhere! Our advanced iTrack21 solution will keep you informed on your car’s status, speed, location, fuel consumption, engine status, temperature and much more in a detailed manner.

Aspects of iTrack21
- 24/7 service support
- Competitive price
- Assurance of quality through advanced technology

Tracking and alerting features
- Geo-Fencing Monitors out-of-bounds movements
- GPS location and speed
- Real time tracking (Up to 1 second refresh rate) or on demand tracking
- Many accurate and instantly report
- Anti theft and stolen vehicle recovery
- History playback
- Know engine status ( on / off )
- Customized tracking features

iTrack21 is a state of art tracking system which combines flexibility / reliability. iTrack21 is a simple to use and cost effective tracking solutions which will satisfy the requirements whatever they are. With up to one second update (User Defined) the entire fleet is visible on the web based mapping systems from any Internet web browser without the need for additional computer equipment.

- Easy to install and use.
- Know exactly where you’re tracked object and its speed.
- Save the history of the tracked object up to 1 year
- Easy to read graphical charts
- Track the vehicles in group.
- Guaranteed live support 24/7 with our highly skilled technical support team.

More Information

To learn more about iDirect service, please see this section in the frequently-asked questions.