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Frequently-Asked Questions

Frequently-asked questions regarding our VSAT and Voice-over-IP services, our terms and conditions, and other products and services are answered here.

Knowledge Base

A repository of information designed to assist our engineers and technically-literate customers. The following articles contain technical data covering a wide range of topics, from VSAT basics to tips for dealing with specific hardware.

Troubleshooting Guides

For help troubleshooting your VSAT Internet service from IraqSat, or for specific problems with your hardware from Hughes DirecWay, Tachyon, and more, please visit our Troubleshooting Guide section.

Equipment, Install, and Setup Manuals

To download the manuals for your VSAT, network, wireless, or VOIP hardware, please visit our Equipment Manuals section. IraqSat provides these manuals solely as a service to our customers, and makes no claims as to their accuracy. IraqSat does not provide support to hardware except that which is covered by your service agreement, warranty, or terms and conditions.

Software Downloads

Software for configuring VSAT and network hardware. For IraqSat engineers and (by special approval) technically literate customers only. Use may constitute a violation of warranty; do so at your own risk.

IRAQSAT Support suite

Iraqsat has introduce a new facility that guarantee a full site archive and fast way to answering your emails and requests. for more information about how to use this facility please refer to IRAQSAT Support Suite User Guide.

Contact Support

Before contacting support, please see the frequently-asked questions, and follow the basic steps in the troubleshooting guides. The support staff will require several pieces of information found in the troubleshooting process in order to help you. You can contact support via the contact support page.