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Network Professionals

IraqSat's network engineers are experienced, qualified professionals. We have experience building networks from multi-building Wide Area Networks (WANs) to single-room Local Area Networks (LANs). We offer a total solution, from network design and proposal, to installation, to maintenance and support on the large enterprise, small/medium business, and small office scales.


Your business needs a network. Perhaps you have a business with 80 PC's across multiple buildings, and you want Voice-over-IP, local file sharing, shared printers, and DNS/HTTP caching. Perhaps you just have 5 PC's that you want to access the Internet. We can design it.

Our engineers will meet with you, help you discover your needs, suggest possibilities for future expansion and help you avoid common, expensive mistakes. We will propose a complete solution, including equipment lists, network wiring design, and breakdown of costs by labor, parts, service, and other factors.

Installation and Engineering

Our network professionals will install your network to meet your specification. IraqSat uses only industry-standard technology and practices. We proudly feature:

  • Category 5e (CAT-5e) and Category 6 (CAT-6) wiring, jacks, and patch panels.
  • Concealed network installation, using exterior plastic runway trunks or interior channels (where available), and RJ-45 jacks in standard wall boxes.
  • 10/100 megabit and gigabit Ethernet switches.
  • Standard 19" network racks in 12-U, 15-U, and 42-U sizes, with accessories including locking doors, removable access panels, shelves, fans, UPS, and more.

LAN Products

IraqSat only sells the highest quality products available. We use:

  • CAT-5e and CAT-6 cable, jacks, and other network wiring hardware from 3Com, D-Link, Dintek, and others.
  • 10/100 megabit switches from 3Com, SureCom and others.
  • Gigabit Ethernet switches from Cisco Systems.
  • Routers, Firewalls, and DHCP Servers from Netgear, US Robotics, and Cisco Systems.
  • Rack Equipment from Conteg International.

Most of the above equipment is kept in stock at all times. We will also order any special equipment you require. Please contact us with the manufacturer and model number you are interested in, and we will quote prices and availability.

For information about our wireless products, please visit the wireless products page.

More Information

To request a quote on network engineering services, or to purchase or inquire about LAN products we offer, please
contact us.