Iraq’s leader in IT & satellite communications - IraqSat



Established in June 2003, with it's headquarter in Baghdad, and offices in Arbil and Sulimaniya, IraqSat in the leading IT service provider in Iraq today.

We have installed in excess 3000 VSAT systems in Iraq which makes us the largest VSAT service provider.


Companies and institutions entering Iraq and wanting to do business in Iraq rely heavily on our products and services to carry out their business and

 daily communication. They trust us and understand how professional and reliable we are.


What really makes us strong is the strength of our relation with our customers, and the recommendation we get from them. Most of our new

business comes in the form of personal recommendation and referral.


A unique approach


Our in depth knowledge of Broadband Internet over satellite and especially our experience of two way satellite including VSAT are founded on the use

of pure technology, thereby developing services unavailable from other broadband providers.


A fast growing list of clients


IraqSat have been servicing most of the blue chip companies and governmental institutions all over Iraq, if we list all our clients, we will need several

pages, so just a sample of them should suffice:


Deputy President Office

Prime Minister Office

Deputy Prime Minister Office

Ministry of Oil

Ministry of Foreign

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Planning

Ministry of Electricity

Ministry of Water Resources 

Ministry of Communication

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research 

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Industry and Minerals

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Ministry of Planning     


Foundation of Technical Institute

University of Anbar

University of Technology

University of Koysinjaq

University of Baghdad

University of Mustansiriyah

University of Babel

University of Kufa


Independent High Electoral Commission

Commission for Resolution of Real Property Disputes

State Company for Internet Services

General Systems Company


Sigma International


Contrak International




Falcon Group




KBR - Halliburton    

Laguna Constructions     

NATO HQ in Baghdad 


Tepe International


Corps of Engineers     

US Embassy      


FOB Normandy     

Renaissance Services      


Armor Group

MTI Corp 



IraqSat specialties


•        Shared and Dedicated VSAT systems: iDirect, Hughes and Tachyon.

•        Tracking System for Vehicles.

•        Remote site monitor, IP Cam system.

•        Voice over IP Solutions.

•        Local and Wide Network Installations (LAN and WAN).

•        Network Installation, Cabling.

•        Wireless Network installations and service.

•        Virtual Private Network Installation (VPN).

•        Wireless ISP commissioning and service (WISP).

•        Web Hosting and Domain Registration.

•        Support and Ongoing maintenance contracts.



IraqSat Web Hosting


IraqSat Communications, we're old hats when it comes to Internet (web) hosting. We have provided hosting services for years, and now support our

clients on our advanced IraqSat Automated Hosting System, on a big iron Linux server cluster. We've never forgotten, however, that the needs of the

customer must come first, and that's why we've always worked to maintain our personal touch and customer service.


From simple web and email hosting to the co-location of your cluster, IraqSat is prepared to support you at each turn. We provide ample facilities at

a fair price, with good customer service. If your needs expand, we're there to help you at each turn -- providing additional software, setting up new

services, or providing consultation for your individual needs.


When you're ready for a more sophisticated web presence, take advantage of IraqSat's expert database development services. Combining our

strong in-house database development team with our hosting capabilities, IraqSat can take any database project from concept to complete web



Our database developers are experienced with many technologies: Filemaker Pro (via CDML or PHP), MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many, many others.

They have built everything from simple web engines to full intranet services for contact management, customer services, sales, and invoicing.


Our development team will design, develop, host, and maintain solutions for sites of all sizes, and will craft a custom database engine to suit your

requirements. Need a custom Java-based solution for your website or intranet? IraqSat's team can build it for you. Need a fast, richly interactive

and fully-scalable database-driven site to deliver training or promotional materials over your extranet? IraqSat's experts have

done it, and can make it work for you.


Help Desk and Customer Support:


IraqSat has a full help desk facility based at its Baghdad operations centre, (Arabic and English) and offers 7 days of the week support services

using mail, chat and phone as means of reaching out customers.



What makes us different?


IraqSat is the leading company in Iraq for VSAT communication, with an installed base of 847 sites in Iraq, we are the largest single VSAT provider.




We understand our customers, we know what they want and we deliver what they need, for that reason when you deal with us, you would know

you are in safe hands. We always put you and your business first.




We always carry large amount of stock, our customers do not have to wait for weeks until they get their system, when they want it the get it.


Delivery and Installation:


Our multiple installation teams are experts installers who are fully trained to deliver and install systems all over Iraq, wherever the customer

might be we will reach them.


Help Desk and support


Our expert engineers are at hand 7 days a week from 8:00am to 8:00pm every day of the week waiting for calls of help from our customers,

we strongly believe that our job starts when we sell and install a system. We don’t let the customer wait for days or weeks to get help, this is

why we are number one in service and support.


Competitive price


Our pricing policy is always been based on being most competitive, it is difficult for us to be beaten on price and service combined.